Your WiFi network can't do this.

Faster, stronger, safer networks, designed by Sterling SV.
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WiFi that works where you want it.

Our homes are as unique as the people living inside of them. Size, shape, and at least a dozen other things effect your WIFI strength. Don't leave the health of your WIFI network up to a router that's simply not up to the task.
We design, deploy, and manage the WIFI networks in the most distinctive homes in the Greater Baltimore area. We'll show you what great WIFI can do.


Use strong passwords.

We'll take it from there..
Think about the amount of personal information on your network. It's a lot. In fact, it's safe to say it's more than you realize. When we deploy your new network, you'll rest easy knowing that your security is our top priority. Each of our networks is encrypted with the latest in WPA2 Security Encryption.
Managed. Remotely.
Traditional networks don't update automatically leaving them vulnerable to attack. Sterling SV ensures your network is up to date with the latest firmware 100% of the time. Even better is that we can do it all without the need to roll a truck to your home... No need to take time out of your busy schedule. We'll just send an email when the update is done. How easy is that? Just another reason, more clients choose Sterling SV.


Have you ever called tech support only to have them tell you to unplug your router for 10 seconds?
Those days are over.
Sterling SV network components are constantly checking the health of your network. In the unlikely event there's an issue, your network can automatically reboot an individual device to fix the problem. Problem solved.

Be our guest.

Do you love digging through your files looking for a 16-digit Alphanumeric password scribbled on a random piece of paper? We didn't think so.
Give your house guests WIFI access with their own Guest Network.


Enterprise class WIFI
IN your home.

We know what you're thinking..Do I really need an Enterprise
Class WIFI solution in my home? Yes, you do.